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107 million

2pacalypse now 1 million (2 million worldwide)

strictly 4 my n*gg*z 1 million (2 million worldwide)

me against the world 5 million (9 million worldwide)

all eyez on me 18 million (30 million worldwide)*

the don killuminati 6 million (8 million worldwide)

r u still down 4 million (6 million worldwide)

greatest hits 18 million (28 million worldwide)*

still i rise 1 million (1 million worldwide)

thug life vol. 1 0.5 million (1 million worldwide)

until the end of time 9 million (12 million world wide)*

better dayz 8 million (12 million worldwide)*

ressurection 1 million (2 million worldwide)

loyal to the game 1 million (2 million worldwide)

pacs life 0.5 million (1 million worldwide)

equals 107 million worldwide and 80 million in the U.S.

* double disk 1 million counts as 2 million

2pac sold 75 million records, but if you count double disk sales as 2 then he sold 107 million.

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42,970,000 albums worldwide

Many people overestimate Eminem, 2pac and Jay-Z record sales for some reason I think 2pac is around 50 and Jay-Z is around 30, Eminem will probably pass 2pac in no time, if he hasn't already.


UK= United Kingdom

US= United States




GER= Germany


NZ=New Zealand


plat = Platinum


EU= Europe?

Eminem has went platinum so many times in so many countries you literally have to go and count his records.

Each Country has different album certifications

He has gotten album certifications in US, UK, CAN, AUS, GER, JPN, IRL, SWI, NZ, and EU

I will go through his album certifications and add them up to get his total record sales.


Gold=500,000 albums sold

Platinum= 1,000,000 albums sold


Gold= 40,000 albums sold

Platinum= 80,000 albums sold


Silver= 60,000 albums sold

Gold= 100,000 albums sold

Platinum= 300,000 albums sold


Gold= 35,000 albums sold

Platinum= 70,000 albums sold


Gold= 100,000 albums sold

Platinum= 250,000 albums sold


Gold= 100,000 albums sold

Platinum= 200,000 albums sold


Gold= 7,500 albums sold

Platinum= 15,000 albums sold


Gold= 15,000 albums sold

Platinum= 30,000 albums sold


Gold= 7,500 albums sold

Platinum= 15,000 albums sold


Gold=? albums sold

Platinum=? albums sold

infinite no certifications

slim shady lp 4,830,000 million world wide

marshall mathers lp 12,120,000 world wide

eminem show 10,960,000 world wide

encore 5,845,000 world wide

curtain call 3,805,000 million

re-up 1,180,000 worldwide

relapse 2,215,000 world wide

recovery 2,285,000 world wide

Go to wikipedia it has all of his album certifications all I did was take them and multiply them to get his record sales.

If you want to check my math I don't care, but I did mine 3 times and got the same numbers.

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42,970,000 albums worldwide.

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107 million

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Q: What is Eminem worldwide record sales?
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