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Deborah (Debbie) Mathers-Briggs & Marshal Mathers II. Eminem was named after his father.

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Q: What is Eminem step dad called?
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Did eminem get melested by his step dad?

No, Eminem had no step dad. The song Insane was just making up stuff.

What is Eminem dad called?


What is eminems song about his dad raping him called?

In the song "Insane" off of Relapse Eminem says that he was raped by his step-father

What is Katie prices step dad called?

Katie's step-dad is called Paul Price.

What is harry styles' step dad called?

His step-dad's name is Robin.

What is Aston merrygolds dad called?

His step dad is called orjan

What is Louis Tomlinson dads name?

His step dad is called Mark, his biological father is called Troy.

What is Aston Merrygold step dad called?

Aston Merrygolds step dad is called John and his real dad is called Orjan I know that because Aston is my uncle

What is Lloyds Daniels dad called?

His dad is called Brian but his step dads called carl.

What happened to eminem's dad?

he left eminem's family

Where is Eminem's dad?

Eminems dad had died 3 years back because of drug overdose

What was Aston merygold's mum and dad's name?

His mum is called Siobhan and his step dad is called Orjan