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01.Forever featuring Drake, Kanye West & Lil Wayne

02.Hell breaks loose ft Dr.Dre

03.Buffalo bill


05.Taking my ball

06.Music box

07.Drop the bomb on`EM

08.My Darling

09.Careful what you wish for

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Q: What is Eminem's relapse refill tracklist?
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When was Eminems album relapse released?

Relapse was released 19th of may this year but a new album called relapse refill has been released it has seven new tracks along with the original relapse tracks

Any info on eminems CD after relapse?

I don't have that much info but I do know there will be a Relapse 2 coming later in 09.

What are all of eminems cds?

Infinite, Slim Shady EP, Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, 8 Mile Soundtrack, The Eminem Show, Curtanil Call: The Hits, Encore, Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, Relapse, Relapse: Refill, Recovery. Not all are official studio albums.

Why is eminem relapse made out of drugs?

half, half recovery was eminems proper album sober

Eminem total sales for relapse refill?

over 60 million Worldwide

What is the name of eminems new album and when is it out?

Relapse, and it comes out May 15, 2009 and a Ralapse 2 coming later in 2009.

What is the name of eminems 6 number one albums?

Slim shady lp, marshall mathers ep, eminem show, encore, relapse, recovery

What is eminems song about his dad raping him called?

In the song "Insane" off of Relapse Eminem says that he was raped by his step-father

When will the new Eminem CD be released?

Eminems new Album Relapse is set for release May/19/09 as confirmed on the official website. The site also gives us to of the tracks from the C.D. Crack a bottle, and I'm having a Relapse.

What albums has eminem made?

His solo albums are: Infinite, Slim Shady EP, Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, the Eminem Show, Encore, Relapse, Relapse: Refill, and Recovery.

When is the last time Eminem rapped?

He Relesed An Album ' Relapse : Refill ' At The End Of 2009 / Beggining Of 2010 , So Not That Long Ago.

What is on Eminem's Relapse 2?

on Relapse: Refill and it has 7 songs:Forever, Taking My Ball, Elevator, Buffalo Bill, Hell Breaks Loose, Drop the Bomb On Em', and Music Box and on relapse 2 there atre songs called, the warning Insult to Injury Hit Me with Your Best Shot ft D12