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Dr. Demento is a radio DJ, who has officialy quit DJ-ing in 2010, but is reportedly planning on still internet-DJ-ing.

June 6, 2010


This weekend, the Dr. Demento Show will have its final broadcast on KIYU, KLOO, WLVQ (QFM96), WRKH (The Rocket) and KOZT (The Coast).

This was a very painful decision for the Doctor...he really hates to let it go after almost 40 years...but he has come to agree with his manager and his family that it's necessary. The broadcast has been losing money for some time.

THE GOOD NEWS -- Dr. Demento intends to continue producing new shows every week for the foreseeable future. A new one will be available Saturday morning, June 12, and more new shows will be posted every Saturday thereafter.

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Dr. Demento was born on April 2, 1941.

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Q: What is Dr. Demento's birthday?
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