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Q: What is Donna summers nickname?
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What is Donna Summers's occupation?

Donna Summers is a/an Singer,songwriter,actress

Who sold more records Donna summers or chaka Chan?

Donna summers

When is Donna Summers's birthday?

Donna Summers was born on December 31, 1948

Did Donna summers smoke?


Who influenced Donna sUMMERS?


What is Donna Summers's birthday?

Donna Summer was born on December 31, 1948.

Who is Donna Summers son?

Donna Summer does NOT have a son. She has 3 biological daughters

Did Donna summers dye?

Yes At The Age Of 63.

What kind of cancer did Donna summers have?

Lung cancer

What is Donna Summers's net worth?

50 mil

Singers that have passed away this week?

donna summers

How tall is Donna Summers?

I've read before that she is 5'7.