What is Dale in 'The Hobbit'?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dale was a town on the southern slopes of the Lonely Mountain. It was destroyed when the dragon Smaug arrived in the region, and its inhabitants built a new town called Esgaroth which was suspended above the waters of Long Lake on pilings. After Smaug died, Bard Bowman rebuilt Dale and ruled there.

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A city, near Erebor

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Q: What is Dale in 'The Hobbit'?
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What is the importance about dale in 'The Hobbit'?

Dale was destroyed by Smaug. It was one reason Bard thought he and his men had a right to some of the dragon's treasure. It was rebuilt after Smaug was killed.

Where is Esgaroth in 'The Hobbit'?

Esgaroth is in the Long Lake of the river Running. It is east of Mirkwood and south of Erebor and Dale.

In 'The Hobbit' what is the appearance of the Lake Men?

It is a group of Men, Northmen, who settle on the Long Lake. Descendants of Dale also reside there.

In The Hobbit if Girion is the last lord of dale mentioned in wikipedia then who is Thror and how does he relate to Dale?

Thror was King Under the Mountain, in other words, king of the dwarf stronghold in what is, in the time of the Hobbit, called the Lonely Mountain. Thror was king at the time when Smaug came and drove out the dwarves, killing Thror and his son, Thrain II.

What does Bard ask for in The Hobbit?

Recompense for the damage done to Laketown. He was a descendant of Girion of Dale, from whom much of the treasure of Smaug had been stolen.

In The Hobbit what is the actual name of Lake-town?

Lake-Town's actual name in The Hobbit is Esgaroth, built of wood and situated entirely in the Long Lake.Esgaroth/Lake-Town is not to be confused with the city of Dale, built between the Lake and the Lonely Mountain (Mount Erebor). Dale was destroyed by Smaug when he took over the Lonely Mountain, but was resettled after the dwarves reclaimed Erebor and Smaug was killed.

What is a bard in The Hobbit?

In The Hobbit, Bard, who was the King of Dale, can be described as gallant and brave.

What is a hobbit house called?

A hobbit barrow is referred to as a 'smail.'

What happened to the village near the mountain in chapter 11 of The Hobbit?

Lake Town was the name of the village that existed at the time of the Hobbit. It was destroyed by Smaug when he was awakened by Bilbo. The down that lay at the foot of the mountain that was destroyed previously was called Dale.

In The Hobbit who becomes the king after Thorin is dead?

The dwarfs resettled the lonely mountain (Erebor) and made it their capital, they forged a strong alliance with the men of Dale (who had helped kill Smaug).

When was The Hobbit cartoon made?

1977 - "The Hobbit"

Which is stronger a Hobbit or a Smurf?

A HOBBIT, of course!