What is DJ flex real name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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nobody knows except his wife. his name is danil filex gomes

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His real name is Felix Danilo Gomez.

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Q: What is DJ flex real name?
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What is dj flex's name?

His real name is Felix Danilo Gomez.

What flex wife name?

DJ Flex's wife's name is Osiris Vega

When was DJ Flex born?

dj flex was born in..............................

Who is his mom name from dj flex?

Gloria gomez

Where is dj flex from?

Dj Flex is from Panama City Panama

What is DJ Flex?

It is not what is dj flex it is who and he is a latin panamanian reggaeton singer

Is dj flex the singer married?

he is married with the girl that was his grilfriend.

Who is flex?

Flex is a DJ and Singer

Biography of Dj flex?

He is from Panama

Is dj flex getiing a divorce?

DJ Flex got divorced on January 31st 2011

What was DJ AM's real name?

DJ AM's real name was Adam Goldstein.

Does DJ flex have kids?

i dont dj flex have kids because he looks a little young to get married.