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hey everybody yes it's Roddae; Clarence Burke personal photographer. yeah CB Jr. is doing fine, currently in the studio in South Orange NJ rehearsing and recording amazing tunes. Presently getting ready for some tour actitives and nationwide performances.

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Alohe Jean Burke is now known as Alohe Rami. She wrote:'My brothers are doing fine. Clarence Jr is still writing music. Kenneth is still heavily writing and producing. Dennis has his own business with his wife Pat and they are both doing very well. James is drawing and selling some of his artwork and he is retired and laid back. Cubie is a professional dancer. He has danced with The Dance Theater of Harlem, The Atlanta Ballet, Alvin Ailey, and has done commericals for Clairol and choreographed the Atlanta Hawks, and has done the Olympics when they were in Spain. I am a college grad and a scientist. I play trumpet and drums in a concert band. I am also into gaming and raising exotic animals. Most of us live in Atlanta Georgia, except for Clarence Jr. He is residing in Florida for the moment. We give donations to the Cobb Energy of the Art Centre, and I have opened up a scholarship for students who are in need, at my alma mater. I love the fans and I consider them friends. Thank you so much for remembering us.


Alohe (Rami)' September 2007 Very many thanks to Alohe for keeping folks updated with the family.

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Q: What is Clarence Burke jr doing now?
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