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The personal cell phone, home phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses of celebrities, singers, bands, actors, and models are not made available to the general public for privacy and safety concerns.

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Q: What is Cheryl Cole's real Mobile Number?
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YES! Of course its real. What do you think she draws it on every morning? do be serious. It is 100% real no doubt about it.

What is Cheryl Cole's real name?

Cheryl Coles maiden name was Tweedy. Her real name is cheryl tweedy but her and Ashley cole have got back together so they could get married again so it will be cheryl cole

What is cheryl coles real email address?

I think it might be one she thinks u'll never find out but I think I have found out:

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If someone has a telephone then they will have a real number

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As if anyone would put Cheryl Cole's mobile number on the internet. And also it's very doubtful that she would want someone who she has never met her in real life. For all she knows you could be a stalker and want to harm her. And she has had to deal with that in the past. Go to one of her book signings or something and then meet her in person then maybe she will give you her number, but I have to say I think it's really doubtful!!

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her real surname is cheryl tweedy her married name is coleHer birth name, as far as I know, is Cheryl Ann Tweedy.

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Michael Cole's real name is Michael Sean Coulthard.

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Michael Cole's real name is Michael Sean Coulthard.

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