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im not home but my shoes are. leave them a message.

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Q: What is Carrie Bradshaw's voice mail message?
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What are disadvantages of email over voice mail?

On disadvantage of email over voice mail is voice can by tone and inflection convey the intent of the message, email can't do that.

What is the term for the technology that allows users to view message details such as the length of calls for example?

visual voice mail

How do you leave a dirty voice mail message?

Um well, if you want to leave a dirty voice mail, you have to call someone and if they dont pick up, leave adirty message on their answering machine. ITS RLY THT SIMPLE!

What is voice mail service on aircel How do you activate Voice mail?

'Voice Mail' is a Value Added Service where your callers can leave a voice message for you in case you are unable to answer / attend your phone. To activate VMS the subscriber has to type 'START VOICE' and send it to 200 (Please get this validated by VAS team)

How do you record a voice mail answer message on your Samsung B3410?

it dapends on the password that you put :P

Does demi lovato really answer you message or is it someone pretending to be demi?

No. It's voice mail

Does a voice mail hold up as evidence in adultery?

It depends on what the message says Clearly.

What do you do if you cant leave your land lord a message because his voice mail is full?

text him

What is advantage of voice mail?

The advantage is - you don't need to be there to receive a message. The caller simply records their message at the prompt - and you listen to it at your convenience.

What features does a voice mail system include?

Voice mail can record messages that you have missed. It can also save your messages and it records what time that message was recorded. It also lets you know when you get messages.

What is the Easter bunnies real hotline?

It's 401-736-5252. If it goes to voice mail leave a message no matter what it says on th voice mail! And she will call you back. I swear!

How do you receive a voice mail message?

it depends on who your provider is, but normally you got under messages and then scroll down till you get to voice messages.. or if you are with T-mobile you can hold down the 1 key on your keypad to call the voice mail service.