What is Burgess model?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The burgess model = the bull's eye model = the concentric ring model. The sector model is the superior model and designed to work for more cities than just Chicago.

The idea of the central model is to organize the city in a circular pattern. The city center would be in one circle with lower class housing surrounding it; the inner suburb. Then the middle class housing would surround that followed by the upper class zone out to the limit of the commuting circle.

This model has been called simplistic and it doesn't allow for terrain since most major cities are port or river cites that becomes important.

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Q: What is Burgess model?
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Why was the Burgess Model created?

The burgess model was created by Ernest Burgess because he found out that the further you are away from the CBD the land value decreases.

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its a model for many cities, although Burgess had the idea after looking at chicago. It is thought to work best on many American cities.

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