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If you mean the actor from Prince Caspian, his middle name is believed to be Thomas.

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Q: What is Ben Barnes middle name?
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Ben barnes full name?

Benjamin Thomas Barnes

Is William moseley a singer?

no..but ben barnes(prince Caspian) was....ben was in a band by the name of Hyrise.

What is Ben Barnes's birthday?

Ben Barnes was born on April 17, 1938.

What is Ben Barnes eye colour?

Ben Barnes has blue eyes.

What is James Thompsons middle name?


What is ben j's middle name?

His middle name is Henry.

When is Ben Barnes birhday?

Ben Barnes (actor) was born on August 20, 1981.

Who is ben barnes girlfriend?

Ben Barnes is currently single!! Get um while he is hot!

Ben Barnes future premiers?

ben barnes plans to play aro in new moon

When was Ben Barnes - politician - born?

Ben Barnes - politician - was born on 1938-04-17.

When was Ben Barnes - actor - born?

Ben Barnes - actor - was born on 1981-08-20.

Who are Ben barnes parents?

Thomas and Tricia Barnes