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Jojo. His full name is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson.

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Jojo. Bartholomew Jojo Simpson .

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Q: What is Bart Simpsons middle name?
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What is Barts middle name?

Bart Simpsons middle name is Bartholamew Bart bartholamew Simpson Actually it is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson

What is Bart and Maggie Simpsons little sisters name?

Lisa Simpson.

What is the name of Bart simpsons 1990s single on the simpsons?

It was called "Do the bartman"

What is Bart's name in the simpsons when he is a superhero?


What was the name of the first episode of The Simpsons Season Six?

Bart of Darkness

What is the name of the hockey team Bart played on?

The mighty pigs, if your talking about the Simpsons..?

What is Jessica Simpsons middle name?

Her middle name is Ann.

What season of The Simpsons called Bart Wars on?

'Bart Wars' is not an episode of The Simpsons, it's a 112 minute DVD.

What is everyones name in the simpsons?

Bart,Homer,Marge,Lisa,Maggie, are the main characters

What is Bart simpsons dogs name?

Santa's little helper

What was the name of the Simpsons episode where martin get a pool?

Bart of Darkness. It's in Season 6.

What is simpsons middle names?

Homer's is Jay, and Bart's is Jo-Jo. Lisa's is Marie Maggie's ans Marge's is unknown