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"Searchin' My Soul" by Vonda Shepard

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Santa Baby

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"tell Him"

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Q: What is Ally McBeal's personal song?
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What was Austins first song in Austin and ally on Disney channel?

the first song was the theme song but it wasnt sung in the showThe song that was first that wasn't his (ally's song he accidentaly stole) was Double take and the real one he wrote with Ally was Break Down the Walls.

What was Ross Lynchs first song?

the theam song on austin and ally

What is the Austin and ally theme song?

Without you.

What is the song for Austin and ally commercial?

a million hits

Why won't Austin and ally change there theme opening?

Cause' the theme song is named Can't do it withouth you and it represents all that Austin and Ally are to eachother and that is everything.The theme song isn't changed cause' it's foundation of Austin and Ally's relationship.

Who performs the theme song for Ally McBeal?

Vonda Shepard

What was the song on the ally mcbeal show?

Searchin' My Soul by Vonda Shepard

When was Nada Personal - song - created?

Nada Personal - song - was created in 1999.

How can you get the music on the ally bank blender commercial?

The song in the Ally Bank Blender commercial is called "The Old Country" by Daniel May. It can be purchased on iTunes.

Do you get to choose how many kids you want?

It ally depends on your income, patience, and personal preference.

Does Ross Lynch from Austin and ally have a skype?

I don't know but it's also personal

What happens in tunes and trials Austin and ally?

A lady steals a song Austin wrote about ally and to get justice the gang goes to court and Austin refuses to tell who the song is about so he performs the song (steal your heart) and sings it to mall his ex-girlfriends, everyone that is, except ally. He gets asked why he didn't sing to her and he says that the song was about her. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez get hooked to a show that's like law and order hence the TUNES and TRIALS.