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Allisons from Pretty Little Liars is not on instagram

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2014-08-21 04:34:35
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Q: What is Alison's Instagram from Pretty Little Liars?
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What is Alison's name off of Pretty Little Liars?

Alisons Real Name Off Of Pretty Little Liars Is Sasha Pieteres

Who is the killer in the Pretty Little Liars series?

Courtney Alisons twin sister

Why is there 2 of alisons bracelets on Pretty Little Liars?

2 allisons...twin sisters

What role does Jason have in Pretty Little Liars?

He is alisons and courtneys broher and Spencer and melissas half brother

Who is Alison's killer in the Pretty Little Liars?

Alisons twin sister! Who is the real Alison but they switched places!

Why was Alison crying in Pretty Little Liars?

because she knows that a wasent mona ant that it was alisons twin sister

How many people die in Pretty Little Liars?

Alisons twin, Jenna, Toby, Ian,Monna and i think that's it

What happens at the end of Pretty Little Liars episode 8?

hannas mum told her not to sell her things they did the dedications alisons brother gave the pretty little liars alisons REAL friendship bracelet he got from the police which means the girls got a fake from A in the woods. also the memorial they made was destroyed SPOILER (the memorial wasn't destroyed by A)

Whose bracelet is it on Pretty Little Liars?

The braclet is Alisons. It is evidence of who killed Alison. It has tracees of someone elses blood on it the night Alison was killed.

Does Alison hate the 4 friends in Pretty Little Liars?

The real Alison did but the Alison they knew who was really Alisons twin named Courtney didnt.

What did Hanna do to Alison's family in Pretty Little Liars?

the night her and mona did the ouja board She called alisons mom and said she thought she saw Ali and she was alive

Where did they find alison's body in the Pretty Little Liars?

In Miyas (Emilys girlfriend) back yard when they were digging to build a new gazebo. It was alisons old house

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