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Defining Editorial Illustration

For our next assignment, we'll be developing editorial illustrations to accompany a chosen text. So what's an editorial illustration? This type of work has a deep history in political satire, especially. (Just Google "political Cartoons" to see what's been and being done.) Editorial illustration, though, extends beyond the world of politics. Every day, newspapers and magazines print illustrations alongside their articles to illuminate some element of the concepts for the reader. Here are recent examples.

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Q: What is Advertising or Commercial Illustration?
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What has the author William Longyear written?

William Longyear has written: 'How to use color in advertising design, illustration and painting' -- subject(s): Color, Commercial art

What has the author William Livingston Larned written?

William Livingston Larned has written: 'Illustration in advertising' -- subject(s): Advertising

What is advertising illustration?

Advertising illustration is the practice of using drawings and graphics to sell commercial products. Often, an illustrator will generate "comps" (short for comprehesives, for although rough, contain all of the information that will be contained in the final piece... they're comprehensive) in order for all desicion makers to agree and authorize the next step in developing an ad campaign, without worrying that each person "had something different in mind." The final piece (in print.. magazines, etc ...) is usually a photograph. In the older days, final illustrations were often drawings and paintings. Storyboards for commercials are included in the subject "advertising illustration."

What is advertising and what it is not?

Advertising - is message with known client, concrete customer and clear purpose. Purpose can commercial and non-commercial)

What is the difference between an advertisement and commercial?

An advertisement refers to any kind of public announcement (billboards, television ads, etc.). When used in the context of advertising, a commercial refers only to advertising done on radio or television. All commercials are advertising, but not all advertising is a commercial.

How is banana marketed?

by advertising it in a commercial

What are medium of illustration?

Mediums of illustration include traditional tools such as pencil, pen, ink, watercolor, and markers, as well as digital tools like graphic tablets, software like Adobe Illustrator, and even mixed media techniques combining various materials. The choice of medium can greatly impact the style and visual impact of the illustration.

What is commercial advertising?

In order to understand commercial advertising one must grasp the concept of commercial advertiser. Commercial advertiser means to generate increased consumption and awareness of ones product with the use or uses of product branding.Commercial Advertising uses commercials and mass multi-media to increase the product branding through the use of large scale advertising.A good sentence for the word commercial advertising would be best used like this.Q: Who did your company branding?A: Gorgeous Advertising was responsible for creating my commercial advertising and I finally have a Company Logo, Wordpress Website, CD Business Cards and a 30 sec Commercial on Spike TV.

What is a commercial photographer?

A commercial photographer shoots work that will be used in advertising and packaging.

Who did Andy Warhol study with?

Warhol studied commercial art at the School of Fine Arts at Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh (now Carnegie Mellon University). In 1949, he moved to New York City and began a successful career in magazine illustration and advertising.

What is a cigarette commercial?

A cigarette commercial is an advertising method used draw customers to a particular brand. Cigarette advertising and television commercials are now banned in the U.K.

What Famous Commercial Advertising and Fashion Photographer came from Canada?

Chris Katsoufis with Worldwide recognition as one of the top photographers in Commercial Advertising and Fashion fields.