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Adam Lazzara was born on September 22, 1988.

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Keaton Ari Danger Lazzara

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Q: What is Adam Lazzara's son's name?
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What was the name of Adam and hawas sons?

Adams sons were Cain, Abel and Seth, but he had other sons and daughters according to the bible.

What is the name of two sons of Adam and Eve?

Cain and Abel (3rd son Seth and other daughters and sons)

What is the duration of Adam Had Four Sons?

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Yes. Cain and Abel were both Adam's sons (Genesis ch.4). Adam had other children as well, both sons and daughters (Genesis ch.5).

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Adam & Eve are listed as having three children named Cain, Abel and Seth, then "other sons and daughters"

What is Adam and Eve's daughter's name?

The Bible does NOT tell us the names of any of Adam and Eve's daughters. However, they must have had some, otherwise their sons would not have found any wives and the human race would have ended.

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Male humans to inhabitants of Narnia?

Male humans could be referred to as "Sons of Adam" in Narnia, as depicted in C.S. Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."

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Their parents of course.

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The bible says Adam had other sons and daughters, so they came from there.

Who were Adam's and Eve's children?

Adam and Eve had three children who were introduced, with names, in the book of Genesis. The first was Cain, in 4:1; the second, Abel, in 4:2; and the third, Seth, in 4:25. Additionally, Adam was identified as the father of daughters and sons other than Seth, in 5:4.