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Q: What is 9 letter greek word for a group of musicians playing together?
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What is a 10 letter Greek word that means to hang out with or a group of musicians?


What is a greek word for a group of musicans playing together?


A group of musicians playing together?

A group of musicians can be called many things; by the context and the number of people playing together. General terms are: band, ensemble. More terms include: troupe, group; and in the military: corps. Orchestra, philharmonic & symphony often refer to groups consisting of classical instruments. In reference to the number of people performing together it may be appropriate to use collective names: 1 player: solo 2 players: duo/duet 3 players: trio 4 player: quartet 5 players: quintet

Were ancient Greek musicians paid professionally?


How many greek gods were musicians?

Apollo is the only musician

Omega is the letter of the greek alphabet?

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. The word alphabet originally comes from people putting the Greek alphabet together: alpha beta gamma...

What word has the same meaning for orchestra?

Greek theatre originated from dancing and singing to the gods before an altar in forest glades. The dancing area was called the orchestra. When it shifted into cities, and actors were added to the singing and dancing chorus, the space in front of the altar where they performed continued to be called the orchestra. Of course the word has a quite different meaning nowadays.

What is together in Greek?

The Greek word for "Together" is "μαζί".

How did the Greeks come up with the letter a?

The letter "a" is not part of the Greek alphabet.The letter "a" is not part of the Greek alphabet.The letter "a" is not part of the Greek alphabet.The letter "a" is not part of the Greek alphabet.

Why is the swasticka called a gammadion?

A swastika is called a gammadion or gammation because it is four (4) of the Greek symbol gamma put together at right angles. The letter gamma is the third letter in the Greek alphabet.

What symbol you use when you automatically add a set of numbers together?

The Greek letter, capital sigma, Σ.

Which symbol can you use when you want to automatically add a set of numbers together?

The Greek letter sigma - the capital form.