What is 30h3 album?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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'Want' and 'Streets of Gold'

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Q: What is 30h3 album?
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What is the album that starstruck by 30h3 is in?

30H!3 Only Has One Studio Album So Far Which Contains "Starstruck" "I'm Not Your Boyfriend" & "Punkb*tch" plus others, the album is call "WANT"

How may cds have 30h3 made?

Sorry ere are three. There is '3Oh!3' there first album. Then there is 'want' then there is 'streets of gold'

When did 30h3 start their band?

yo mmoma

How do you say 30h3?

Three oh three

How do you pronouce 30h3?

three oh three.

Who are the singers in 30h3?

Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte.

How many 30h3 albums are there?

2 'streets of gold' and 'want'

What are the Names of guys in 30H3?

Sean Foreman & Nathaniel Motte

The name of the lead singer of 30H3?

There is no lead singer they're equal.

Is Don't Trust Me by 30h3 a good song?

YEAH its the best song ever!!!

Who sings shush shut your lips do the hella Keller and talk with your hips?

Don't Trust Me By: 30H3

How do you say the band name 30h3?

It's just like the numbers 3-0-3. It's the area code of parts of Denver and Boulder Colorado, where the group is from.