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i do not know

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Q: What instruments did the jumanos use for music?
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What did the jumanos use baffalo for?

The Jumanos used buffalo for clothing

What are the instruments you use for country music?

Folk guitars

What did jumanos use as weapons?


Can you use student loans to buy instruments if you are a music major?

If the instruments are needed for your classes, yes.

What instruments do you use while dancing jazz?

You don't you actually use music

What instruments does Chris from coldplay use?

Piano and guitar are the most common instruments used in coldplay's music.

How do you use the music instruments in club penguin?

You dance while holding it.

Did jumanos use horses?

They used horses to travel

Why do the puerto ricans use instruments?

The same reason everyone else uses instruments, for music or for testing and measurements, depending on what type of instruments you are talking about.

How was music a part of an Africans life When was music played what instruments did they use?

African music was a big thing. they used a lot of percussion instruments. & things such as bongos. they often used call & response in there songs

What has the author Ethel Rosenthal written?

Ethel Rosenthal has written: 'The story of Indian music and its instruments' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Indic Music, Indic Musical instruments, Music, Music instruments, Music, Indic, Musical instruments, Musical instruments, Indic

What instruments are used in Latin music?

The main instruments used in Latin American Music are maracas, whistles, panpipes, trumpets, some use of Guitars, perhaps violin and harps have all been incorporated into their music.