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moist areas

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Q: What influences the distribution of pillbugs?
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Influences the distribution of biomes around the globe?

Atmospheric circulation

Can millipedes and pillbugs live Can millipedes and pillbugs live together?

yes they will live

Do Pillbugs have Noses?

No they do not have noses.

What is a pillbugs symmetry?


Do pillbugs get along with ladybugs?

not always

Can pillbugs see color?


How do pillbugs move?

they have tiny legs

Do pill bugs prefer acidic or basic environments?

pillbugs prefer acidic environments due to the detrius in the acid, which pillbugs eat.

Do garter snakes eat pillbugs?


What phylum are pillbugs in?

crustations, like crabs

Do pillbugs have brains?

yes because they are alive

Are pillbugs smart?

yes they are because it has a brain