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As a small boy who seems to have been the son of a vicar, or at least someone who lived at a vicarage, Percival had been coached to remember and to repeat the details of his name, address and telephone number in the event that should he ever become lost it would help him to get home. Unfortunately for Percival he had become lost but in a place where the repetition of his name, address and phone number failed completely to bring the promised help of a swift return home. With no help, neglected and ignored Percival had spent several days alone in a shelter sobbing and talking to himself until the other boys had thought that he was going insane, which they had simply found faintly amusing. The indoctrinated information which had failed in its express purpose was patently of no use to Percival so his deeply traumatised mind was allowing it to gradually slip away.

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Q: What important info does Percival forget in Chapter 5 and why is this happening?
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