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Call your best friend or your lover

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Q: What if you want to sing a song what number do you call?
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What song does the singer taj mahal sing that have grits in the lyrics?

I want to know too.

What should our song be called?

If you will tell me the lyrics, I will propose a name for the song. If you don't want to tell me the lyrics, you can call it Mysterioso.

Who wrote Do You Want To Know A Secret by the Beatles?

John Lennon, remembering a Disney movie song his mother used to sing.

Can you sing online?

Yes u can sing online one major site to sing online is youtube! Just type youtube into google and then it will come up youtube broadcast yourself. Just type in the song u want to sing for example write something like this cowboy casanova instrumental karaokeand there u go now u can sing online!

Is it ok for boys to sing girls songs?

Yes, if it's polite and what makes the girls feel good. Also, if the girl doesn't want to be sung to, then don't sing to her. If she doesn't mind having a boy sing to her, then go ahead, sing her a song. You might want to ask her these questions first: 1. Do you like music? 2. What songs do you like? 3. If you wanted a guy to sing to you, when would you want him to sing to you? If the girl says " Why do you ask?" after answering question 3, you could say "Oh, I was just wanting to know because it would be really kind if a guy sung you a pleasant song you know of." If the girl gets the idea you want to sing to her and let's you know ("I get the idea you want to sing to me?"), say to her "Only because you're such a nice, sweet friend I could ever have." If you tell the girl this, she will definitely feel proud to be your friend and she might, without doubt, say " You can sing me a song right now if you want to. Hee, Hee, Hee. It doesn't have to be one I know so don't worry about that." As you can see, it is definitely okay for guys to sing to girls. Girls really enjoy it because it always makes them feel good inside. Would you feel good inside if a girl wanted to sing to you because she thought of you as a great friend? *If you want to know if it's okay for males to sing female songs (or vice versa) my answer is yes. It won't affect you manliness or femininity. Everyone has a unique singing voice and some sound better if they sing lower or higher than the norm. However, if you feel insecure about singing songs, try finding artists with similar ranges as you.

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Does jedward sing the song you want candy?


What is a song for a girl to sing at school?

if you want to sing a Hindi song then sing "pehli nazar meh" from the movie race and if English then "love birds"

How do you get bobbi sing song?

If you want to get bobbi sing song please email one of the moshimonsters workers-Brizilla7 and lollieplop1

What Cat Stevens Song was featured in Harold and Maude?

It's 'If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out.'

Are you allowed to sing half a song on Britain's Got Talent?

You are allowed to sing half a song if you want to, but it will be not be as interesting to everyone listening.

What is a good song for 9 year old girls 2 sing?

anything she want to sing

What song do Ryan and kelsey sing in hsm3?

I want it all

What movie features the song if you want to sing out sing out?

"Harold and Maude" (1971). Stars Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort. The song is by Cat Stevens.

Is it bad to sing happy birthday after your birthday?

No it is not. You can sing a happy birthday song whenever you want and however you want to. There is nothing good or bad about it.

When was Call It What You Want - Foster the People song - created?

Call It What You Want - Foster the People song - was created in 2010.

Good song to sing?

it depends on what type of song u want 2 sing and what the occasion is 1) for a light indie song sing the zephyr song by the red hot chili peppers 2) if u want a pop song do something by 1 direction hope this helped =)

What does sing in me mean?

its a song which the artist doesn't want to be talked about or thought about.