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Prince Michael Jackson Jr doesn't have a girlfriend.

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2016-09-23 16:29:32
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Q: What i Michael Jackson's sons girlfriend name?
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What was Andrew Jacksons sons name?

Andrew Jr

Why are Michael jacksons sons called Prince?

They were probably named after their great grandfather who was called Prince Albert.

Does Michael franti have a girlfriend?

Yes, Michael Franti does have a girlfriend and they have been in a relationship for some time. The couple has two sons together.

Who are the Jackson 5?

Jackson five wer the band made by Michael jacksons father wich consists of all five of his sons and Michael as the lead singer and check the rest on wikipedia

Does Michael Spears Have A Girlfriend?

Yes an italian girl with a mixture of navajo and cherokee and they have two sons.

Does Michael spears have girlfriend?

Yes an italian girl with a mixture of navajo and cherokee and they have two sons.

What was the name of Michael Jordan's sons?

Marcus Jordan and Jeffrey Michael Jordan

What is Michael Jackson's eldest sons name?

prince Michael Jackson the 1st

Who are Tina Turner's sons?

The Name's Of Her Sons Were: Craig Ronnie Ike Jr. Michael

What is Michael Jackson's youngest sons real name?

Prince Michael Jackson II.

Who are Micheal jacksons chrilidren?

Prince Michael Jackson is the full name of one of Michael's sons. His daughter is named Paris Michael Jackson, she has been in one children's movie. His younget son is named Prince Michael Jackson the second (knicknamed blanket). Prince is not a title it is his son's first name. There is also an adult man who is named Omer Bhatti who may be Michael's son. Omar looks similar to some of Michael's nephews.

Who is J.R.R Tolkien sons name?

Christopher and Michael and Olivaar

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