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They stayed at Crown Towers, not just crown as there is 3 different sections, such as Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade

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Q: What hotel did One Direction stay at in Melbourne in 2012?
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Where to stay in Melbourne with young children?

Crown Towers, Vibe Hotel Carlton, The Como Melbourne.

What hotel did Justin Bieber stay at in Melbourne?

the one called "your house"

How much does a stay at the Victoria Hotel in Melbourne cost per night?

The cost associated with one night stay at the Victoria Hotel, which is located in Melbourne, Australia, is anywhere from about $175 to upwards of $600 a night dependent upon the extra amenities that have been chosen.

What hotel did One Direction stay at in Minnesota?

why you wanna know?..

What hotel is going to stay One Direction in Barcelona?

In Arts

Where did one direction stay when they came to wellington?

In a hotel😃

Which hotel will one direction stay at in Tennessee after their concert?

No one will know just follow their car after the concert to the hotel try to get there early

Will One Direction be staying at stregis hotel?

The boys information on what hotel they are going to stay at has to be kept secret for the boys safety.

What hotel will One direction stay in when they come to Vancouver 2013?

no ones knows. they havent booked it yet...

What hotel did one direction stay at in nashville tn?

I'm almost 100% sure it was the hyatt regency!! hope this helped :)

Where can one find the Como Hotel and how much does a one nights stay usually cost?

The Como Hotel is located in Melbourne, Australia. The price for one nights stay ranges from $213.00 to $417.00. The room sizes range from a studio suite, a one bedroom suite, and an Open Plan Spa Suite.

What hotel will one direction stay at in Columbus Ohio 2013?

I have no idea but I can't wait I want to go to that concert extremely bad