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Elf, a Christmas story, it's a wonderful life, and a Charlie Brown Christmas

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Q: What holiday movie was the most rented on netflex last holiday season?
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What holiday movie was the most rented on netflix last holiday season?

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

When will the movie Mrs Santa Claus be shown this holiday season?

The day after Thanksgiving.

Where can someone watch A Christmas Carol?

A Christmas Carol can be rented from stores such as Blockbuster. Additionally, prime time networks such as ABC and CBS often air A Christmas Carol for free around the Holiday Season. Finally, clips of the movie are available on streaming websites such as Youtube.

Can you scary movie 3 online free?

netflex or just download it on utorrent

Where can you watch stay alive?

You can buy the movie, might be available for rent on netflex. You can watch the movie on YouTube, or you can watch it on TV sometimes.

What were some of the top movie rentals for 2012?

The Dark Knight Rises was the top movie rental in 2012. Men in Black 3 was the second most rented movie. Lawless the third most rented, and Hope Spring the fourth most rented.

If you watch the rented movie from itunes within the 24 hours does it disappear or do you have it for 30 days?

You have 30 days to watch a movie rented from the iTunes store. Once you start watching a rented movie it will last for 48 hours in which time you can watch it as often as you like. After 48 hours the movie will disappear from your iTunes library.

When will twilight the movie be able to be rented?

sometime in march

Where can one rent the movie 'Life Size'?

The movie 'Life Size' can be rented at an online store such as "Amazon", "Flixster", or "iTunes". It can also be rented from a local rental store such as "Blockbuster".

Will you be charged after your rented itunes movie has exspired?

No, you are charged right when you start renting the movie.

Does iTunes rented movies stream wifi Or is it downloaded for 30 days?

A rented movie from iTunes can be downloaded and kept for thirty days if it has not been watched. Once you start to watch a rented movie you will have 24 hours to watch it as many times as you want before it is deleted. You can start to watch a movie while it is still downloading.

What is the duration of Caillou's Holiday Movie?

The duration of Caillou's Holiday Movie is 1.2 hours.