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lady gaga graduated from prospect hill academy high

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Q: What high school did Lady Gaga graduate from?
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Was Lady Gaga's family poor?

Lady GaGa's parent were not poor. (She attended high school with Paris Hilton.)

Who bullied lady gaga in high school?

Maybe everyone did.

What year did Lady Gaga graduate high school?

Convent of the Sacred Heart. An all girls school in New York City.

Has Lady Gaga ever been in a fight?

Lady Gaga has mentioned she was in several fights in high school after being picked on by "mean rich girls with no tits".

What elementary school did Lady Gaga attend in Yonkers?

Lady Gaga went a high school opposite Central Park. I can't remember the name exactly

How many boys did lady gaga go out with in high school and middle school?

She went out with 3 boys

Was Lady Gaga popular in high school?

She had long brown hair and didn't wear make-up

Where did lady gaga father go to high school?

You don't need to know. He's from New Jersey.

Was lady gaga called rabbit teeth in high school?

Yes, she says it at a concert. Somewhere on youtube.

Where and when did Paris Hilton graduate from school?

Paris attended her freshman year of high school at the Maywood-Palm Valley School in Rancho Mirage, California followed by the Dwight School in New York for her sophomore and junior years. Famously she went to school here with Lady Gaga. She was then transferred to the Canterbury School, in New Milford t

Has Lady Gaga always been bad?

Apparently, yes. She claims that in high school she always used to roll her skirt high and unbutton the collar of her uniform. Also in US magazine, Lady Gaga Special, in one article it explains how lady gaga when she was 15 got a fake ID and got a tramp stamp, and sneaked into clubs to perform.

Why does Lady Gaga where clothes like an mad woman?

lady gaga wheres that kind of clothes because she did not fit in high school so she wanted a place for fans to hang out with her without being afriad of exspressing themself