What happens with Bella and Jacob?

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Jacob kisses Bella because she asked him to

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Q: What happens with Bella and Jacob?
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Related questions

What happens to Jacob and Bella?

By the end of the last book, Breaking Dawn, Jacob and Bella continue to be friends, but Jacob no longer loves Bella.

What happens when Bella hangs out with Jacob?

Edward sees them and gets mad at Bella

What happens between Jacob and Bella's daughter in breaking dawn?

Jacob imprints on her.

What happens with Bella and Jacob in New Moon?

Edward leaves Bella for her own protection. Jacob comforts Bella and they get close. In the end, Bella feels that her love for Edward is stronger.

What happens to Jacob Black in the end?

he imprints on Bella's daughter.

What happens if Bella were with Jacob?

the series would be completely different

What happens straight after Bella has her baby?

Jacob imprints on Renesemee

Book in which happens the first kiss between Jacob and Bella?


What happens to Bella and Edward in elcipse?

Victoria comes after Bella, edward kills Victoria, Jacob and Edward fight over Bella, Bella agrees to marry edward, Jacob hears them talking about getting married and is very hurt, Jacob runs away.

What really happens between Bella and Jacob?

nothing really happens just a kiss or two

What happens to Jacob and Bella in part 2 of breaking dawn?

jacob goes on with renesmee (he imprinted on her) and bella is happy wwith edward. in the end edward is finally friends with jacob and thinks of jacob as a son in law. and Bella is fine with Jacob . but in breaking dawn part 2 they do fight sometimes.

Is the Jacob bit in Breaking Dawn good?

its really good, but not as good as Bella's. but he does describe what happens in Bella's pregnancy :)

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