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they'll brake

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Q: What happens when you straighten fake feathers?
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What happens to the bleeps when you straighten your arm?

what happen to the bleeps when you straighten your arm

Where can you buy a fake retainer?

I'm not sure if you can. Why would you want a fake retainer? Retainers are used to straighten teeth.

What happens after 62 feathers on Assassin's Creed 2?

nothing special happens when you collect 62 feathers, but at 50 feathers you will be able to purchase a special weapon, and with 100 feathers you will get a special cape. make sure to give the feathers to your mother, by placing them in the box in her room.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'they looked like a pair of peaocks with fake tail feathers'?

It's not an idiom - it's a pretty good vivid description of someone trying to pretend to be something they are not. Imagine a peacock with fake tail feathers attached.

What happens when the feathers fall off the dream catcher?

what does it mean when the feathers fall off a dreamcatcher

What happens when you straighten your arm?

nothing except that you straightned it...whats with these kind of questions??!!

How can i get fake feathers?

Depending on how concerned you are about how the feathers are produced. Even if you buy them at the store be careful most are NOT fake. They are real, they will say real or natural or sometimes nothing. If they are imitation they will most likely label them that way. I have been doing research myself looking for artificial feathers. The overall answers is that the bulk feathers are from the meat industry. But from what I have heard id the Peacock feathers are from molting season, the birds are not killed or forcibly plucked. But I found out they are making polyester feathers just have to find out who supplies them in the US. I will update if I find anything :) Good luck.

What happens to muscles when you straighten your arm?

There are many arm muscles. The triceps (on the back of your upper-arm) contract when you straighten your arm, and the biceps (the front of the upper-arm) relaxes.

Can you freeze a turkey with the feathers still on it and clean it later?

No, you can't. The feathers still have germs on then and if you freeze it, the germs on the feathers will leak into the turkey's meat. Once that happens, you can't change it.

How do you make a peacock open its feathers?

scare it if it comes near you and if something happens then the world may never know.

What happens to peacocks during global warming?

Their feathers fall off.

What happens when you use a fake email?

you not goin to gite in