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you unlock a new bonus movie

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Q: What happens when you collect all the gems in crash twinsanity?
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How do you collect crystals in crash bandicoot 1?

There are no crystals in Crash 1. They appear in Crash 2 and on. If you're thinking of gems, it's when you go through a whole level on one life. In the rest of the games, you get the gem by breaking all the crates

What is the best way to get gems in froggy jump?

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Collect all of the gems.

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Try to collect all the gems or try NOT to get all the gems on the clouds :3

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you have to collect gems all over and the unicorn in town will give you clues and you have to search all over, when you have all the gems go to the catapult that goes back in time and if you have all the gems they go in the ground and he escapes

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The adventures of Bob saget

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