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She gets run over by a bus but dosent die.

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Q: What happens to Regina George in Mean Girls?
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Who was the leader in the movie mean girls?

Regina George

Is Regina george in mean girls rich?

yes.? lol she has a mansion!

Who does Rachel McAdams play in Mean Girls?

She plays Regina George.

What are the names of the mean girls in the movie mean girls?

Regina George, Karen Smith, Gretchen Weiners, and then Cady Heron turns into one.

Was Regina george the most beautiful female character in mean girls or Cady Heron?


What kind of girl is Regina george in the movie Mean girls?

The meanest of the mean girls- Really nasty, allways thinking of ways to get back at other people.

In what movie there was a character called Regina George?

Regina George is a character found in the film called Mean Girls, which is a popular teen comedy film, from America. Regina George was played by Rachel McAdams, who recently starred in the film called 'About Time' and 'A Most Wanted Man'.

In Mean Girls who gets hit by a bus?

Regina george played by rachel mcadams gets hit by a bus

Is Aaron Samuels from mean girls gay?

No he kissed Cady and Regina George and he didn't suck a dick the whole movie so no.

What is the mean girls name on mean girls?

Regina George (as portrayed by actress Rachel McAdams). Her two friends are Gretchen Weiners (played by Lacey Chabert) and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried).

Who is the meanest person in mean girls?

Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan. Supporting Roles include... Regina George played by Rachel McAdams Gretchen Weiners played by Lacey Chabert Karen Smith played by Amanda Seyfried and Janis Ian played by Lizzy Caplan

In mean girls who was queen b?

Regina George was queen b until Cady Heron took her down. After Cady took Regina down Cady became queen b and at the end there is no longer a queen b.