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The last episode of My name is Earl was a humdinger. In the last episode Dodge wants his real father to come to school so to make up for embarrassing Dodge at career day once Earl decides to find out who Dodges real father is. He asked Joy who says that the father of Dodge was wearing a skeleton costume the night she conceived and she thinks that it is Little Chubby the owner of Club Chubby and very rich. However Earl realizes that he was also at the party and was also wearing a skelaton costume that night. He decides to find out wither or not he is the biological father of Dodge. He takes four toothbrushes from Joys house as well as some of his DNA. When the results come back Darnell takes them to look over and tells Joy that three of the toothbrushes have the same DNA as each other refuring to Joy, Dodge and Earl Jr. However he notices that the fourth toothbrush had DNA that did not match any of the other three. To be continued was shown afterwards, but the show got cancelled so we will never know wither Darnell was actually the father of Earl Jr or if there was some mixup with the toothbrushes.

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Q: What happens in the end of 'my name is earl'?
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