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Logan Fell comes back but he's now a vampire. Damon hunts him down and is ambushed when he confronts him.

Career's Night takes place at the school and Caroline is disappointed when her mother criticises her choice of future career. Elena and Stefan try to keep Logan away from Jenna and when he knocks Caroline out, Stefan and Damon save her.

Damon spares Logan's life when the latter reveals he knows how to get in the tomb. Alaric confronts Logan and stakes him. Damon shows up at the entrance to the tomb but Sheriff Forbes phones him to say thanks for killing Logan.

Stefan and Elena sleep together but Elena runs off when she discovers the photograph of Katherine. She's involved in a car crash after she hits a mysterious figure in the road. The episode ends when he approaches her.

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Q: What happens in episode 10 of The Vampire Diaries?
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