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Nothing. Hop on in.

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Q: What happens if you put Clorox bleach in a hot tub?
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What happens if you put Clorox bleach on your neon yellow jansport bookbag?

It bleaches the backpack.

Can you add a drop of Clorox in puppy's water?

Could you put a drop of Clorox bleach in your own drinking water? yes, it's technically possible. However, it should not be done. Bleach is poisonous. Cleaning a puppy's water bowl with bleach is acceptable, as long as the bleach evaporates (dries) before water is put in.

Is Clorox ammonia?

No. Chlorox bleach is a solution of sodium hypochlorite.

Will bleach cause meth to test negative in a lab test?

Dude, think: If you put bleach in your urine, your pee is going to smell like clorox. Pee does not normally smell like clorox. You will fail for an adulterated sample long before you ever get a chance to be tested for drugs.

How much Clorox in a hot tub?

When it comes to how much Clorox you should put in a pool, this depends on how big your pool is. If it's a large pool, you may put as much as half of a cup, or more.

What happens if I put bleach on my mint backpack?

It will no longer be mint. Bleach removes color.

If you put together glue hot water Clorox and food coloring does that make goo?


What happens to bones if it is put in Clorox?

the bone will tern white but if u just put the bone half covered in clorox half of the bone will tern white and the other will stay the same color

How do you clean sperry tan leather topsiders?

use Clorox 2 (blue bottle, orange lid), NOT Clorox bleach. put some in a cup, dip a tooth brush into it and then scrub them, this works really well on mine

I put Clorox bleach in a plastic spray bottle to clean the tub. A few hours later I went to do a second pass and the Clorox sprayed out of the bottle brown. Anyone know why or how to prevent this?

If there was a different chemical in the spray bottle before you put the Clorox Bleach into it the molecules from the different chemical could have changed the composition of the Clorox Bleach.I Believe the Clorox is so caustic it is eating at the metal spring. I've put Clorox in spray bottles before and have rinsed them thoroughly. In time, weeks to months the spring seems to be dissolving and sprayer works more and more poorly until it stops working. Currently I'm using a clear sprayer and I can see the corrosion on the spring.If you know of an all plastic sprayer mechanism, please post it here. Thanks!

Is there a product that kills shrubs?

Clorox Clean-up would work. Yes, and the answer might surprise you. I have been using it for years to kill off poison ivy. I simply put some in a spray bottle and spray the leaves, and by the next day the leaves are all burned and wilted. This stuff is called chlorine bleach, like Clorox Bleach.

Does Emily osment use Clorox bleach on her hair?

No. Clorox will totally trash your hair. Someone whose appearance is critical to her earning power can't afford trashed hair, so she goes to the best stylists and gets the proper products put in her hair.