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Katniss and Peeta end up winning The Hunger Games, but Haymitch tells Katniss that she has outsmarted the Capitol and President Snow (president of the Capitol) isn't very happy with Katniss or Peeta. You will have to read the nest book to see what happens next.

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Q: What happens at the end og the Hunger Games book 1?
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How does the first Hunger Games end?

The hunger games ends with the games are over and Petta and Katniss love each other and READ THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES TO FIND OUT THE ENDING WORD BY WORD....... Not by summery

How does the narrators point of view of the Hunger Games affect the work as a whole?

The series is in first person view so you can't hear the thoughts of some of the other characters and you could have a more close relationship with the main character. Also, in the end Katniss writes a book about her life and I have the feeling that that book is the Hunger Games so for obvious reasons it would be first person.

What was the gift they received at the end of chapter 22 in the hunger games?

I don't have the book on hand but if you mean in the actual games when they all the tributes go to receive gifts that they need the most, Katniss receives an ointment for Peeta for his leg.

What was the gamemakers final surprise inn chapter 25 of the Hunger Games?

At the end of The Hunger Games (the games and the book), Seneca Crane announces that upon further examination of the official rules, there may only be one victor. Up until this point, Katniss and Peeta have been working as a team believing that they will be allowed to both go home if they are the remaining tributes.

What happens in the end of the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie?

Katniss and a few other tributes (not including Peeta) are busted out of the arena by Haymitch and Plutarch Heavensbee and taken to district thirteen. Bonnie and Twill were right about it still being under ground and very much alive.

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What is the first book to The Hunger Games?

in the book peeta has a mechanical leg at the end of the book but not in the movie

What are the main events in the book the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins?

When the Hunger Games started. When Prim was drawn out of the ball. Meeting Peeta. Berry incedent. End of book.

When does Peeta Mellark find out that katniss is acting her for him in hunger games?

At the end of The Hunger Games. Page 452 in the black book with the mockingjay pin.

Is there going to be another hunger games book after mockingjay?

No, Mockinjay is the end of the series.

What is the issues between Katniss and Peeta at the end of hunger games?

Read the book!

What is the hunger games foreshawoing in the end of the book?

Foreshadowing that Katniss is in danger from the government.

Why does the 3rd Hunger Games book end with the sentence But there will be much worse games to play?

the sentence says 'but there are much more gruesome games to play', meaning the Hunger Games

Who gets married in the Hunger Games book?

Finnick and Annie get married in the third book of The Hunger Games, Mockingjay. Also, at the end of Mockingjay, Katniss is married to Peeta. They have two children. Besides their marriage, nobody gets married in The Hunger Games.

Is there still the hunger games after president snow dies?

He dies in the end of the third book. No.

How does the training end in the hunger games?

The real Hunger Games!

Does a tribute ever win a Hunger Games?

Well Peeta and Katniss both win the the one in the first book. the second book the manage to escape the next hunger games and there is no winner. And finaly the third book is basicly and all out war to stop the hunger games from ever happening again. At the end there is no more hunger games. No, not just one tribute wins...i hope i answered the right question.

What is the Hunger Games Catching Fire about if the first book was just Katniss and Peeta just in the Hunger Games and at the end it seems like a happily ever after?

catching fire is about katniss being entereed in the hunger games again... i have no idea why yet but she does