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The book was a horcrux of voldemorts and the tom riddle that was in the chamber of secrets was preserved in the book. when harry stabbed the book the horcrux was destroyed and so was the preseved tom.

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Q: What happened to tom riddle when harry stabed the book?
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What Harry Potter book was the memories of Tom Riddle in?

The Harry Potter book with the memories of Tom Riddle in it is The Chamber of Secrets. The diary of Tom Riddle became alive in that book and he was who Harry had to fight.

In what Harry Potter book do riddle-harry and riddle-Hermione appear?

The seventh, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

What are Harry's friends called in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

ron and hermione or if you mean the person in the book in the book it is tom riddle

When does harry potter come face to face tom riddles?

Tom Riddle* and Harry both meet face to face in the Chamber of Secrets (book & film 2) when Harry is trying to save Ginny. However, earlier in the film there is a flash back into Riddle's diary, where Harry does see him, but its merely a memory, so Riddle doesn't see him.

Was harry tied up in the Goblet of Fire?

yes, the book mentions that Wormtail tied him to Tom Riddle's headstone

How does Harry Potter help Ginny Weasley?

he helps her in the 2nd book in the chamber of secrets when tom riddle controls her with his diary

Hermione walked though purple fire when?

At the end of the first harry potter book after figuring out the potions riddle.

What chapter in book 7 has Harry kissing Hermione?

Answer: Harry Potter never kissed Hermione Granger. Ron, however, did. Answer: Harry Potter didn't kiss Hermione, but Ron and Harry saw a false vision (created by one of Voldemort's horcruxes), where Harry and Hermione did kiss.

Does Tom Riddle die?

When he is in his final duel with Harry Potter he attempts to kills Harry Potter with the killing curse with Dumbledore's wand (The deathly Hallow Wand) which should have been given to Draco but Harry beat Draco in a duel so he was the owner and Dumbledore's wand backfires when Harry tries the disarming spell so Tom Riddle gets hit by his own spell.

What secret book did Ginny Weasley have in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

The answer is "Moste Potente Potions'.

What book tells of Voldemort's birthday?

Using the years that are known to us, someone has acheived the correct birth date. The information has been scattered across multiple books.We know that Chamber of Secrets takes place in 1992. Fifty years earlier was 1942. In this year, Hagrid was a third year, and Riddle was two above him, meaning he was a fifth year. 15 years before 1942 was 1927. However, Riddle was born on New Years, making it 1926.-"Tom Riddle", Harry Potter Wiki

Is Ginny Weasley bad in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

No, but she was possessed by Tom Riddle in the second Harry Potter book.