What happened to pu yi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He became puppet control by Japanese

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Q: What happened to pu yi?
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Who was Henry Pu Yi?

Henry Pu Yi was the last emperor of China

Who is pu yi?

PuYi was the last emperor in China

What did Pu Yi do?

emporing china

In 1908 two year old Pu Yi became emperor of which country?

Pu Yi became emperor of China in 1908.

Who was considered the absolute ruler of China?

The Emperor. The last emperor of China was Pu Yi, also known as Henry Pu Yi and his Manchu name was Aisin Gioro

What year did pu yi die and how?

the last emperor of China die in 1967 in Beijing

Oscar wining film based on the life of Asian rular pu yi?

The Last Emperor

What has the author Hun Bu Shang written?

Hun Bu Shang has written: 'Huan shi pu yi'

Last emperor of China?

his name is "爱新觉罗溥仪"(ai xin jue luo pu yi)

What has the author Changzhen Zhou written?

Changzhen. Zhou has written: 'Se pu yi' -- subject(s): Chromatographic analysis, Equipment and supplies

What is a eunuch and why did emperor Pu Yi kick them out of the Forbidden City?

a eunuch is a man without sexual organs and they were kicked out for stealing gold from him the reselling it

When did Sima Yi's Liaodong campaign happen?

Sima Yi's Liaodong campaign happened on 238-09-29.