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Peter Lucia Jr. walked off the 18th hole of the Golf course he was playing , had lunch. When he stood up to leave, he fell. The friends that he was with thought he was fooling around (he was a very comical guy.) When he didn't rise at their ribbing, they realized there was a problem. They called 911. Rumor has it that, when he arrived at the hospital, he was dead and about $1,000 was missing from his wallet. In fact, he did have a massive heart attack and died in January 1987, exactly one month before his fortieth birthday. What isn't known is, what specifically killed him. My uncle, Peter, had a cholesterol problem (his body just naturally made too much of this because he was thin, constantly exercised, and ate well, an enlarged heart, as well as a very loud heart murmur. He had recently seen a doctor because he was ill. I am not sure, but I think he had strep throat, as well as other issues. When a person has heart problems, an infection like strep can negatively affect them. He had just been back home (New Jersey) that November for his parent's fiftieth anniversary where he was the best man for their 2nd wedding service. He was pretty ill. Upon arriving back to California, he moved into a house. The moved caused him stress because he was in the middle of packing, closing on the house, and moving, when he came back to NJ. He arrived back in California still ill. He had seen a doctor, but I wasn't privy to his exact ailments.

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Q: What happened to peter Lucia of Tommy James and the shondells?
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