What happened to lil wyte?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He pissed of 3'6 Mafia, by going solo. 3'6 felt betrayed end of story.

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Q: What happened to lil wyte?
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When was Lil Wyte born?

Lil Wyte was born on 1982-10-06.

Is lil wyte a GD?

No rapper Lil Wyte is not a Gangster Disciple. It is rumored that Lil Wyte is affiliated with the Bloods.

How old is lil wyte?


Where does Lil Wyte live?

he lives in snellville ga

Who made the song Blame It?

Lil Wyte-Blame it (on the bay)

How much is lil wyte worth?

a few oxy pills

Is lil wyte rich?

No he is not he has a lil money he has probably make a lil over a million in his life.

What is the real name of Lil Wyte?

The real name of Lil Wyte is Patrick Lanshaw. He was born in 1982 in the month of October on the 6th day, and is known in America for being a rapper. He was kicked out in high school because of truancy.

What song did Lil Wyte perform on the show Adventures in Hollyhood?

Talkin Aint Walkin

What was the birth date and death date of lil wyte?

he was born oct 6 he is not dead

Is lil wyte coming out with any new music soon 2009?

Yes, The Bad Influence

How did lil wyte get into rap?

He was making underground tapes., and 3 6 Mafia found him and signed him and he has been doing pretty well ever since.