What happened to crossfade?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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I don't know but they had a special part in my life during a big change in my life! I'll not forget there music that got me thru. I hope they make a comeback . They were very skilled!

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they believe they are too old to sing. they got tired of the fame.

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Q: What happened to crossfade?
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When was Crossfade - band - created?

Crossfade - band - was created in 1999.

When was Crossfade - album - created?

Crossfade - album - was created in 2003.

Is crossfade Christian?

No . Crossfade isn't a Christian band , but Flyleaf is . >.<

How many albums has Crossfade released?

Two.. Crossfade and Falling Away.

When was Crossfade - Swedish band - created?

Crossfade - Swedish band - was created in 1999.

Does the band Crossfade ever use curse words?


Why isn't Crossfade touring anymore?

Crossfade is no longer touring because they are no longer a band! They broke up because they were experiencing writers block and they decided to pursue other interests.

Where can one see a list of Crossfade songs?

There are a few websites that list the entire list of Crossfade songs. One such website is the site Who's Dated Who which has all 77 of their songs listed.

What is the song colors by crossfade about?

The song 'Colors' is about your attitude and the way that you act.

What actors and actresses appeared in CrossFade - 2002?

The cast of CrossFade - 2002 includes: Dan Marsh as Konrad Marvin Riebe as Walter McGee Wilhelm Schlotterer as Klaus Fuchs Maike Zimmermann as Katherine Schauder

Who sings the song that goes of all the colors that yousine this is surely not your best?


The best definition of the word motif?

A recurring image or idea -crossfade cc.k