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Chris Brown beat the crap outta her and she got what she deserve and she gave him a disease

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โˆ™ 2009-02-27 14:45:21
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Q: What happened to Rihanna?
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Does Rihanna have a right to talk about what happened between her and Chris Brown?

Yes, of course Rihanna has a right to talk about what happened between her and Chris Brown.

IS Chris Brown marring Rihanna?

not after what happened

Did Chris Brown ever perform live after what happened with Rihanna?

Yes Chris Brown has performed live after what happened with Rihanna. He has performed at the BET Awards 2010.

Do Chris Brown like Rihanna after what happen?

I don't know but here's my guess: I think he is mad at rihanna after what happened. And rihanna is reallyPARANOID at Chris..... the end. is she having a baby to chris brown

What happened to rihanna after the fight with Chris Brown?

I think they took her to a hospital

What happened to chris brown and rihanna's relationship?

chris hit her then they broke up

Is chris and Rihanna still together since what happened?

i think that they is the best couple ever and they need to put that behind and get together love yall rihanna and chris

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown still together after what happened?

No but after what happened they met up in Miami and didn't talk again to each other.

Did Rihanna get in a fight with Chris Brown?

Yes, it happened before the Grammy awards.Chris attacked Rihanna and Rihanna suffered a broken nose, a cut on her face and some bruises. She is alright!Some people say Rihanna deserved it but no.. Nobody deserves something like that! Stand up and agree. :]

What was a turning point in Chris Brown life that led him to his career?

2009 when the rihanna thing happened

What is the date of when rihanna got attacked by Chris Brown?

it happened the day of the grammys... Feb. 8th

What year took place of the fight of Rihanna and Chris Brown?

2009 the fight happened in 2009

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