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Pattie SantosPatti Santos died in an auto accident on 12/14/89 near Geyserville on Highway 128. Up until a few months ago there was a web sight dedicated to her with articles of the accident, pictures of her and some information about her. You could "Google" Patti Santos and find the sight, but no more. I wish the sight would return.

She had been reitred from music for a few years and was raising and training dogs. According to the Geyeserville newspaper article that was posted she died early in the morning after her sportscar failed to negotiate a turn at Wasson Lane and Hwy 128. Her car hit a fence went airborn and hit a tree. She was a resident of Santa Rosa at the time.

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Thanks for the info, but: please correct the spelling of "website" -- it's not "sight".

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Q: What happened to Patti Santos the singer in 1989?
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