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he didnt lose it,he wore a scope on his left eye for long-range observation, and he had trained the eye itself to counter genjutsu, allowing him to see through and negate them. This was done in response to Itachi's powerful genjutsu skills, of which he had a considerable loathing, and wished to defeat if he got the chance. yeah and in the fight against sasuke he takes the scope off.

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nothing happened to his right eye except him taking his brothers a long time ago you might be thinkin about his left eye because tobi (madara) only uses one eye which is his right. there is nothing wrong with either eye he just likes using the right eye more however he does use a jutsu that shuts his left eye shut later in the naruto seris but he exchanges it for nagatos left eye

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Q: What happened to Madara's right eye?
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