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Birthplace:Portmeirion, Gwynedd, Wales, UK

Kathy left school at 16 and worked at the Top Shop clothing store in Liverpool, before she caught the eye of a local photographer. She was encouraged to send photos of herself to Beverley Goodway, arguably the most well known glamour photographer in the UK. Beverley was impressed with Kathy and arranged a test shoot with her. In early 1986, whilst she was still 17, she made her debut as a Page 3 Girl in The Sun. Kathy went on to become one of the most famous Page 3 Girls ever, her image a far cry from the typical pouting blondes prevalent in the industry.

In the 90s,

she attempted to diverse into television, but apart from a two year stint as main hostess on gameshow, Bob's Your Uncle, work was thin on the ground. Then in the mid 90s, her marriage broke up when it was revealed that her husband was having an affair with rival glamour model, Kirsten Imrie.

Kathy returned fulltime to modelling, getting noticed by Playboy who shot a video special of her, and appearing regularly in the new wave of men's magazines such as Maxim, Loaded and FHM. In 2002, Kathy was given a contract by Granada Television to host the show, Talking Dirty, on their Men & Motors satellite station. She followed this up by hosting Kathy Lloyd's Naughty Business for the same station

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Q: What happened to Kathy Lloyd Page 3 girl from Liverpool?
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