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There is no set schedule for when they film "Destination Truth" episodes. His crew takes jobs with other shows and projects. So, sometimes when they're ready to shoot a episode, crew members are already working elsewhere. Like for example, Jael hasn't been on the show recently, because she's been working on "Fact or Faked".

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Q: What happened to Josh Gates old crew on Destination Truth?
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Who is josh gates of destination truth dating?

Did Andrew Zimmern go to Romania?

No, that was Josh Gates on Destination Truth

Is Jason gates from the show haunted collector related to josh gates from destination truth?

Yes: Jason is in fact Josh's Husband.

Is destination truth coming back for 2014 with Josh Gates?

No, the show was canceled in March of 2014.

Will there be a 2013 season of destination truth?

on fri jan 4th 2013 Josh Gates returns to take viewers around the globe in the fourth season of Destination Truth. Josh Gates and his team will travel to the farthest corners of the earth in search of answers behind some of the world's most intriguing mysteries. The crew's itinerary will include investigations in Madagascar, Tanzania, Guam, Kenya and Cambodia. The team will conduct the first underwater paranormal investigation when they travel to a remote Micronesian island to search for the spirits dwelling in a ...sunken fleet.

When was Josh Gates born?

Josh Gates was born on 1977-08-10.

Is Josh Gates dating Jael?

Josh Gates is not dating Jael and he says he is currently single.

What movie and television projects has Josh Gates been in?

Josh Gates has: Played Butler in "Party Foul" in 2003. Performed in "Ghost Hunters" in 2004. Played himself in "Ghost Hunters" in 2004. Played Waiter in "Flavor of Love" in 2006. Played Leon in "Hard Cell" in 2007. Played himself in "Destination Truth" in 2007. Played Barry Parker in "Carpet Diem" in 2007. Played Himself - Lead Investigator in "Destination Truth" in 2007. Played Alex in "Cookie de Mayo" in 2007. Played himself in "Ghost Hunters International" in 2008. Played Himself - Host in "Destination Truth 2.5" in 2008. Played himself in "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" in 2010. Played Himself - Guest in "Larry King Now" in 2012. Played himself in "Syfy 20th Anniversary Special" in 2012. Performed in "Stranded" in 2013.

Did Josh Gates and Ryder date?

No. Ryder is dating Casey (who appears on Season 2 of Destination Truth)

How old is Josh Gates?

TV producer Joshua "Josh" Gates is 40 years old (born August 10, 1977).

What kinda job is destination truth?

I'm guessing you want to know what the show is about because they both are on the same line. first, the show destination truth is about a group who goes all around the world to different places to discover the results of creatures and ghosts they try to find out mysteries all around to find the correct answer for all the the weird things going around the places. and believe it or not people actually have experienced the creatures and the ghosts and have given their words to what they have seen. the leader of the group is josh gates.

Who is hallie gnatovich dating?

Josh Gates