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He died

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Q: What happend to the Hudson Hornet in Cars 2?
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How is died Hudson Hornet in Cars 2?

in the door

What happened Hudson Hornet in Cars 2?

He died between cars 1 and cars 2

What are the release dates for Search and Restore - 2011 '51 Hudson Hornet Part 1 2-9?

Search and Restore - 2011 '51 Hudson Hornet Part 1 2-9 was released on: USA: November 2012

Is doc Hudson going to be in cars 2?

No. Doc Hudson was written out of Cars 2 in respect of his voice actor, Paul Newman, who died in 2008.

Why doc Hudson die in Cars?

he didn't die in cars 1 he died in cars 2 anyway the answer because the makers of cars 2 wanted an more better part probaly in cars 3 the will kill finn mcmissle

Will Doc Hudson still be in Cars 2 even without Paul Newman?

From my research on the story, yes it will go on but with his brother doing the voice of Doc Hudson.

How did doc Hudson die off of cars?

Doc Hudson doesnt actually die, the voice actor off him (paul newman) died of lung cancer in 2008 and disney thought it would be innapropriate to include him in cars 2

Would doc Hudson be back in cars 2?

Because his voice actor died of Lung cancer in 2008.

Will the character Doc Hudson still be in Disney and Pixars Cars 2 even though Paul Newman can no longer voice him?


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mabe its your clutch activation sensor that isn't working it happend on 2 of my cars

Did doc Hudson die in cars 2?

Due to the fact that Doc Hudson's voice actor Paul Newman died of lung cancer in 2008 they cut him out of Cars 2 and made him dead i know it's sad but Pixar did the right thing since Paul did an awesome job voicing Doc in Cars 1

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