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They are alive and well. Tonight, 6 September 2009, they were in St Ives, enjoying a beer and taking part in a pub quiz, while on holiday.

John & Anne retired from TV. and recording as a duo in Feb.1970. They decided to stop touring around, start a family and had their daughter Victoria in Feb. 1971. They then decided to restart the duo in June 1972 working the local clubland venues within a 50 mile radius from their home in Sheffield South Yorkshire England. This was so they could get back home to the babysitters and their beautiful little girl each night. It wasn't long before they were getting rave reviews wherever they appeared and voted by their audiences as the top clubland duo for three years in a row. They appeared with stars such as the Bee Gees, The Fortunes, Vince Hill, Emile Ford from the 60's. along side many others during that period.

In Dec. 1980 their son Bennett was born, who is now a brilliant musician having attended Leeds University at the age of 18yrs and achieved his BA Honours degree in Jazz playing the piano, keyboard and guitar. Their daughter Victoria went onto college and became a beauty therapist for 14yrs and then decided to work for a bank in mortgages which she is still doing. Just 6mths.before their 25yrs of marriage in 1987 they decided once more to retire from performing as a duo. They are both retired now and will be celebrating their Golden Wedding on June 9th 2012 at their daughter's home in Sheffield with their family and friends.

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Q: What happend to john and ann ryder musicians?
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