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Q: What happen as jonas looks at Fiona?
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What did the mother say the stirrings usually begin with in the giver?

The first stirring that Jonas had was about Fiona. Jonas and Fiona were alone in the old peoples home and he wanted Fiona to get into the bath tub. Fiona just kept laughing and would not listen to Jonas.

What is the relationship between Jonas and Fiona in the Giver?

It is not known for Jonas to love Fiona in the end of the book.though it does mention that he loves Fiona and Asher and the giver the text does not specify if he still is in love with Fiona or not.

Where did asher and Fiona work?

with jonas

Why does Jonas refuse Fionaโ€™s invitation?


Who plays Fiona skye in Jonas?

Sara Paxton

Who were the in the characters in The Giver?

The main characters are Jonas, Asher, Fiona, Lily, Jonas's parents, and The Giver.

What does jonas start to recognize?

Jonas confesses his sexy dream about Fiona and has to start taking pills for this.

How did Jonas talk with Fiona lead to an important discovery?


What is Fiona's job in The Giver?

Fiona probably symbolizes something to do with maturity. When Jonas has the dream with him and Fiona in it, the dream is almost sexual. However, Fiona is one of Jonas' very good friends so she might symbolize partnership, or a form of marraige.

In the book the Giver What can Jonas see about Fiona?

shes nice and helpful

What does Dr Fiona Wood look like?

Dr Fiona Wood looks like a old lady!!

What did Jonas dream about?

Jonas dream was his first stirring (He was in the bathing room with Fiona and was trying to convince her to get into the tub so he could bathe her)