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Lead singer of 4 non blonds and sings "What's Up"

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Q: What group did linda perry sing with and what was her hit song?
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What other actresses sing this song?

katy perry

What song did Katy perry sing at the 54th Grammy?

Part of me. Her new song

Does Katy Perry sing the 2012 song 'Cheer Me Up'?

Katy Perry does not sing the song from 2012 called Cheer Me Up. The female start who does sing Cheer Me Up is Natasha Bedingfield. She is also known for the song Pocket Full of Sunshine.

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What song did Katy Perry sing at the grammys?

Not Like A Movie :D

What movie was the song beautiful by Christina Aguilera in?

Christina Aguilera released the Song Beautiful on November 16th 2002. The song is from her album title Stripped which was her fourth album that she has released.

What is the name of the song by the 80's group whose lead singer wrote songs for pink?

I believe you are referring to Linda Perry who joined 4 Non Blondes in 1989 - the song is probably "What's Up?"

What song did Amelia lily sing at judges houses?

E.T by Katy Perry

Did Katy Perry sing in Madagascar 3?

Yes, they played her song "Firework"

Who composed the song hurt of Christina Aguilera?

Linda Perry Christina Aguilera Mark Ronson

Does Katy Perry sing California gurls?

Yes she does and the song features Snoop Dogg.

Who sing that song butter love?

the group Next