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Q: What glasses is tyga wearing in the roger that video?
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What kind of shoes is tyga wearing in cali love?

they were addidas

Was tyga on the video teach you how to dougie?

no he wasn't

Where did tyga get the pants from the music video bedrock?


Who is in the music video of crickets by new boyz?

his name is tyga

Who was the lady in tyga's im gone video?

Who was the leading lady in tygas im gone video

Who are the male rappers in Chris brown video deuces?

tyga and Kevin mccall

What does Tyga mean by make it nasty?

Watch the music video, then you'll understand.

Who wrote the song called 'Do It All'?

The release of Do it All shows that it was written by Tyga. It is a rap type of song. It has appeared as a video on youtube and has a following. There are other songs by Tyga available on YouTube.

Is honey cocaine tyga girlfriend?

No, but Chyna (the girl from Rack City Video) is currently his girlfriend.

Did Lisa raye play in tyga music video im gone?

No the model just looks like her

What happend in 710 within Muslim history?

Well what happened was a tyga was born and made the MAKE IT NASTY VIDEO

Does tyga go with yasmin deliz the girl from his video i hear they go out?

No . He dates blac chyna who's a stripper